Saturday, August 22, 2009

Our Weekend At Camp Prime Time

~First a little background~
Camp Prime Time is a camp here in Washington in the boonies that is for children with special needs and/or illnesses and their families. You sleep in cabins, they provide meals 3 times a day, play room, showers, horse ride, boat ride and its mostly run by volunteers. Our local ARC set up a weekend for us and I took the girls while Donni who is having some issues lately with events stayed home with daddy. Let's just say he has found his voice and still doesn't like strangers but will now run away from me anyways :-X.
These first few pictures are of Kaila on a hike she went on with some of the boys. She was the only girl on the hike and the youngest and she did really well!

These next pictures are outside and in our cabin we stayed in the majority of the time (we did switch to another cabin the last night because of a conflict with our roomates but I won't go into that, but the other cabin was way cooler anyhow!)

Someone had fun painting these rocks to our photo taking enjoyment.

A Dam

In the playroom

The large treehouse

We spotted a bat the first night hanging out at the main lodge!

From the top of a hill behind the cabins.

Getting ready to go on the boat

Horse ride before heading home

Parent Reviewers