Thursday, May 28, 2009


And that concludes the M Bar C photo "posting parade".
Back to the regularly scheduled programming.. which is of course a recipe later tonight.

Beachy Keen!

Donni with Jessie, he was guzzling down her water lol.

Jessie trying to get Donni to play with Stage

Crappy picture but the only of me and the kids lol


Well a baby shrimp... alive... and no where near the water..

You know the usual..
A tire...

Oh and a buoy.

Nature Shots From Wagon Ride #3 back to M Bar C

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wagon ride # 2 ~ On our way to the beach!

In the stage coach, she actually rode in it with other people, she would have liked it better with us in it.. it was sweet to see her trying to get to me after we stopped though like mom why did u put me in that thing alone and no carseat are u nuts? lol.

Dora and 2 of her boys

Jessie and Stage

Right before we lifted Alana over to the stage coach

She looks scared poor thing lol. She said she wanted to go in it.. but apparently only if we were in it too lol.

That's the stage coach up in front of us, going down the road to the beach!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tis a Cowboy Town!

Hi Miss Post Master Kaila!

Oh no she's been caught!

Would you like your hair cut miss?

Oh the good old days...

Lobby of the "hotel"

Yes Sir!

HAHAHA can we get a yeah right!

Look who else is in jail!

We're working mah...

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