Monday, May 4, 2009

Not Me Monday

Stellan is home and Not Me Monday is officially back! Please go visit MckMama to see what she and others have not been doing!

Donni did not poop out of his diaper during nap time yesterday, I did not then flip the light switch so I could see and clean it up only to realize it had burnt out.

I did not give Donni a fast bath.. gag.

It did not take me at least 30 minutes to change the lightbulb. I am not telling you why. The stupid light cover was not held on by round top screws. no divits for a screwdriver, phillips or flathead. I could not find any pliers.. I was not standing on a chair, I could not see anything I was doing.

Alana was not in the bath tub this entire time of my frustration, so kindly filling my bathroom floor with an inch of bathwater.

One day I did not realize in public that I had put my shirt on inside out.

Alana did not learn how to get down from her bunk bed while I was at work last night, we did not have to jimmy rig it once again to try and thwart this sleep disrupting behavior. I do not realize that one day it will be impossible to thwart this but for now I am content that it is possible at least part-time and this keeps me sane.

Donni did not learn how to get on the couch by himself last night either. There goes my safe out of reach spot on top of the couch... nothing is safe anymore.

I did not sponsor a child from India for 32$ a month... for if I did there wouldnt be a post about it. I do not believe this child may have Turner Syndrome.

I did not find the coolest puzzles at a yard sale Saturday.... from 1969. With all the pieces. And a few more of road runner etc.. I will share those with my next TEACCH post. I do not have puzzles for a month that are missing a piece.. much less 40 years with all the pieces.

My child would never come out of the bathroom with TP hanging from said child's butt. Said child would not then say mom look I have a tail!! ahahahaha... I am not naming said child.. cough cough.. Kaila...cough.

I did not attend a baby shower this weekend, my grandma was not there and I did not ask her what a breathe mint said on it.. just so I could steal her little binky necklace. She did not answer me and then realize she had just said the forsaken baby word. BWAHAHAHA!

I did not win the baby word scramble game.. I need to get out more.


Tutu said...

Luke is trying to climb on the sofa. I so don't want him to do that!!! And I'm with you on the puzzles. I find puzzle pieces everwhere!!

Bridget said...

these are hilarious! Probably not when they "weren't" happening to you, though...

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