Sunday, May 17, 2009

M-Bar-C Ranch

Yesterday we had the privledge of going to M-Bar-C Ranch with many other families from our local ARC. All of these families have a child or children with special needs. This ranch is really cool, think a pumpkin farm but pony/cowboy instead lol. It was founded to be the go to place for groups, families w/ special needs kids, ronald mcdonald house, etc. The staff (mostly volunteer) is great with the kids. They have large horses, miniature horses, cowboy town, wagon ride, cowgirl/boy dress up, lunch, plenty of running around room. You have to ride the ferry to get there, of course thats always fun too!

The kids got to ride horses, brush and ride the miniature horses and the farm dog, dress up in cowfolk costumes, play in cowboy town (barbershop, church, hotel, jail, post office), ride the tractor wagon twice, Alana even rode in the stage coach, run around the field/common areas, the wagon took us down to the beach to play, have lunch and just have a blast.

I took 412 pictures on my camera.. some people forgot theirs, batteries died etc. So I tried to get as many photos I could and then.. my camera had enough and its battery died lol. Also the ARC is going to make a slideshow for a fundraising dinner and wants all the pictures they can get! I obviously am not sharing 400 pictures on my blog... but I do have ALOT I do want to share so I will be doing a posting parade if you will throughout the next week or 2 of the pictures from our day but I wanted to post this explanation first about what the pictures are from.


wdworkman said...

I found your blog on the workbox list. I'll be checking back for your photographs & definitely plan to try the BBQ Chicken recipe!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Is this the ranch you've talked about from before? Looks like a cool place. Unless they have horses, then? Count me out. Unless they have a gift shop, then? Maybe.
Good thing I know my weaknesses! ;)

Caitlyn said...

you and your posting parade better hurry up!!!

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