Thursday, May 7, 2009

60 second Infomercials..

Apparently my family is total suckers for the 60 second Infomerical.
Kaila hears one for this..


Mom we NEED that so we can make sure we use ALL the toothpaste!


I BRING HOME this...sucker



Kaila says "oh mom I seen that on tv yesterday why did you "buyed" it, You don't want no more hair?"

I start making a gift bag for my mother for Mother's Day.

Kaila says "I hope you are not giving away this" as she holds the hair removal contraption.

The sad part of the story is that I really did buy it for myself because I am a sucker intrigued.


Tami said...

so, does it work?

Crystal said...

Havent tried it yet but I will let you know.. I do not have high hopes lol.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I am a sucker too. Do, Do let us know how it works. I am all curious.

Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy said...

i wanna know how it works. it looks hugely painful.
but i want the toothpaste thing as my boys have been banned from the paste so I either have to still help them in the bathroom or they go without. sadly I don't know where we'd have room for such a thing...

and my kids love everything on tv too.
oh and i bought a topsy turvey to try too

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