Monday, June 15, 2009

Not Me Monday

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I did not ask a strange man at the park to stop my fleeing daughter. He did not stop her immediately without a second thought. Most people would not have looked at me like I was nuts. OHHH and a side note he was not good looking!

On another park visit I did not have another even stranger man give me 20$ to get the kids icecream because I was telling them no because I had no cash on me... this guy was not sitting in his car while his whatever she was, was at the park with a toddler. I did not promptly tell the kids never to take money from a stranger... only mommy is allowed to do that lol. My niece did not hand him back the change right when the woman he was with was getting into the car and she did not look at my niece like ummm what is going on here??

I am not dreaming about facebook games/apps. THAT would be insane right? Facebook is also not the reason that my blog has been so slacking lately either. I have decided to blog a few blogs in one day and schedule them for the week so I don't feel "burdened" by my blog over the summer.

I did not update my google calendar for the summer and July is not going to be crazy at all.. really... I only have everyday filled up with 1-4 things I have or want to do.

The pool I set up in the back yard is not full of rocks on the bottom, because in Alana's world water splashing when rocks hit it is just the funnest thing to watch.

You know how bowling lanes are waxed to make you fall on your arse if you happen to chase a un named 7 year old girl down one of them. That didn't happen to me, nor did I land doing the splits. Yeah picture that one.. my fat ass chasing Alana down a bowling lane and falling into the splits. Yeah I feel the burn alright.

Alana did not want a gift wrap ribbon at the store so bad that I had to buy it. She couldn't have just any ribbon in the gift wrap aisle no.. she has to be particular about things and request ONLY the ribbon that is part of a bag, tissue, & ribbon package deal for 4.99. They of course did not have this particular ribbon on sale by itself.. so I did not end up with a silver gift bag.. which good chance it will never be used. She has always had her obsessions but ribbons is the one thing she has always liked to play with plus she did not accidently bite her lip in the cart somehow so I gave in. Well you know the joke could be on me she could have bit herself on purpose.. she's no stranger to it and has done it before to get a band-aid more then once.

Yeah she looks innocent... but looks can be deceiving! Oh and that robe she is toting around is her latest "toy" because it has a string on it that she likes to play with (you see it in her hand).. I swear she is like a cat sometimes. Oh and the robe is Kaila's who has all but had to delinquish it to her sister. Oh and you know that black shirt from the M Bar C photos she was wearing well it has TWO strings that tie around the neck like a choker and that shirt is even better then the robe to play with. I think its in the backyard now.


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I can't stop laughing at the leg/falling/wipeout incident~ I love it!

Bridget said...

The splits...ouch!!! Very funny Not Me's!!! Hope you have a good week! :D

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