Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Seattle Cossacks Motorcycle Stunt Team!

What is that you say??

I have a blog??

Really?? Apparently I have neglected forgotten the blogosphere this week. What can I say it's summer and I have no motivation to blog, clean, do laundry or any of the things I should be doing. I'm trying I really really am.. I swear it. Now let's see what to post about I have tons of pictures to share as usual so I will stick with that for now.

Here is The Seattle Cossacks motorcycle stunt group that was at our "Special Connections Carnival".

DO you see the guy inbetween the bikes right above the ground??

Notice the guy standing on the ground is the one steering the bike :-X

The whole group on 3 bikes.


Alana didn't want to get off the bike lol.

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Kristine said...

Cool pics! Donni is so flippin' adorable!

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