Sunday, July 12, 2009


I wrote a letter to a local skate deck about starting a skate time for individuals with special needs and their families (like they do during christian night or toddler skate), for many obvious reasons most of these individuals cannot skate at the normal skate sessions. Anyway we set something up and I wanted to share the letter I wrote as well as the flyer for the new Abili-Skate! You are free to use either of these if you are interested in starting something like this in your area!


To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to express interest in a “special needs” skating time period. I along with many others really like the stroller skate that you have on Wednesdays but most of our children with special needs (and adults) have school during this period (even in the summer) and/or are above the age of 7. I have tried bringing my daughter to a regular skate time but she goes all over the rink backwards, sideways etc. and gets ran over repeatedly by much more physically able and faster children. I have to continue correcting which way she goes which is not easy. For many children the crowds that come with the regular skate times is too much. Many other children have walking aid devices such as a walker trainer, wheelchair, special accommodation strollers etc.

If there was a special time for our children (and adults with special needs) similar to the stroller skate, they could enjoy themselves much more and us parents could relax a little more, as well as all people would be included and could even wheelchair around the rink like those with strollers. Also on regular skate nights I believe no one can be on the rink without skates and most of our kids with special needs need 1 on 1 support (physically and/or mentally) and we could have that option to be without skates to aid them better if needed for certain individuals.

This would be a great opportunity for our families and would greatly appreciate if you would consider doing this once a month like the third Thursday etc. or even a one time event this summer if that is all that you can commit to. There are other options/rules to think about as well like only charging those with skates of course (so if a wheelchair bound person and an aide came the aide would pay if she wore skates and the wheelchair would be free, or both would be free if neither has skates, same goes for strollers etc, only charging for the skates). This of course would be up to you to decide but those would be things to consider. I prefer email but you can contact me anytime by phone or email and please leave a message because I cannot always get to my phone. Please let me know either way if you are able or not able to do something of this nature.




Please join the Everett Skate Deck for the first of possibly many Abili-Skate sessions!
Does your child with special needs go the Wrong way on the deck? Walk instead of skate? Get scared of crowds? Can’t physically skate? but a caregiver could push them in a stroller or wheelchair while THEY are on skates around the rink? Lay down on the deck? Touch people’s rear-ends? This may be a fun alternative to open skate times, or if you’ve never tried skating you can find out if your children will enjoy skating in a more relaxed atmosphere!

August 20th, 6-8pm

Individuals with special needs and their families/friends ONLY! ALL AGES!(No open skate during this time, the deck will be reserved only for this event!)

Wheelchairs, strollers WELCOME! (wheelchair ramp is provided to get on the deck)

Charge is 5$ for regular skates, no charge for wheelchair or stroller persons.. Only charge is for anyone needing/wanting skates.

This is NOT a drop off event, but a family inclusive event.

This can become a recurring event every month if there is interest so please come and SHARE this with anyone you think may be interested!

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