Friday, July 10, 2009


Last weekend we went to the Woodland Park Zoo with the Snohomish County ARC, we went individually around the zoo for the most part, meeting here and there. Trying to keep all our kids together as a group is near impossible so we didn't even try lol. It was actually a free trip to the Zoo for my kids and I because I had free child passes from forever ago that never expire and I was free as Alana's "caregiver". Everyone else in the group I believe got 40% discount, plus a free "caregiver" per person with special needs requiring one.

You might be asking why as a parent of a minor with special needs do I qualify for free admission as a "caregiver" because all minors require an adult chaperone to the zoo. Thus is true and I thought this at first too then I realized (with help) that the ARC can only have events like this for children with special needs if they invite the whole family because they cannot care for all the children, most of these children need 1 on 1 caregivers at all times, especially at a place such as the zoo.. my daughter cannot go to the zoo with the many daycamps, YMCA, etc. or the ARC for that matter even if they are skilled in kids with special needs because they simply do not have the staffing/volunteers to give 1 on 1 assistance, it is not safe to say the least and at any moment that child can need private caregiver assistance that no matter how many volunteers there are they couldn't handle it..during a meltdown, have to leave immediately, medications etc. I cannot send her alone with a friend and her family because she needs one on one attention but most people would be able to send their 7 year old daughter to the zoo with a friend and their family.. I cannot do that. I have to attend as well or send a caregiver of some sort with her. There is no way for her to attend the zoo with anyone (camps, friends, etc.), without a 1 on 1 caregiver with her.. regardless if that caregiver happens to be a parent or an actual "caregiver". That probably didn't make any sense but I tried lol.

They loved her ribbon, they were swimming right to her.

Checking the map...

Hi there Emu... howwwwww u doin?


Laura said...

Crystal. Thanks for pointing out the problem with the pastry cream filled fillo shells. I have fixed the recipe. You just use the milk and whipping cream at the same time.

Laura said...

They are in the freezer section next to the puff pastry. I got them for around $1.50 at my local Walmart.

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