Sunday, July 19, 2009

Challenge Day Race, Soap Box Derby Races!

This first half of our day Saturday was doing this fun event! Alana had a blast once it was time to actually race.. that girl takes after her Grandma and has no patience! Maybe in a few years Kaila can be her able bodied driver!!

(below is quoted from their website)

This high-spirited event, held annually in July, pairs developmentally disabled individuals with young, able-bodied drivers (usually 12 and under) for soap box derby races down 2nd Ave in Issaquah. Challenge Day also provides adaptive cycling for those who might never otherwise ride a bike. Success of this special day is measured in both miles and smiles!

First race, she went on a total of 4 but the second one she crashed into the curb :-P.

Kaila found a doggy...

She was so excited to be in the Police Car, that was by far her favorite :-).

Getting towed back up :-)

And for fun a policeman and a fire chief in their respective cars lol.. The fire one was supposed to be a firefighter but right as he was getting in it they got a call and had to leave.. the policemen called them chickens when they were leaving!

Testing out the big Trike

Testing another one but she was just a tad too short.

Testing another one.. that you peddle with your hands but again just a tad too short.

So we rode this one.. she sat and I did all the work it was quite fun actually! See Kaila behind us??

Her trophy!


Stephanie said...

That is so neat!!!

I want one of those bikes. Lol

mummyof5monsters said...

how cool is that! Looks like so much fun:)

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