Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Challenge Air, Take Flight!!

The rest of our Saturday was spent at Challenge Air (where the video in a previous post came from). This organization is awesome and they provide flights for individuals with special needs as well as 1 or 2 "guests". Not only do you get to fly a small plane for 30 minutes but if the child/adult with special needs is willing and able they can assist in flying the plane in some fashion. Also the event down below as people come and go from their flights also has alot of fun things to do like a bounce house, Ronald McDonald, Cake Walks, pizza, music, arts and crafts, plane "school", mini golf , robot etc! As well as information booths and a booth that was giving the kids 2 free books each! These events happen all over the country.

Here are the pictures from the event!

Alana loves mascots any type she doesn't discriminate lol. (oh and thats the robot behind them to the right.. it throws balls and moves around, pretty neat lol)

HI-Five YEAHHHH!! (oh and her hand wasn't hurt but she loves band-aids.. lol)

In the bouncy house which by the way she escaped from 3 times when we weren't looking... each time she was found interrupting the cake walk and miniature golf right next to the cake walk lol.

Cake walk and Ronald McDonald

Kaila and her friend Acashia doing the cake walk



Getting ready to board the plane! It was a Cherokee I was told.

We tried to put her in the front but she was having no part of the intercom headgear stuff.

Safely in the back..

My mom took the front :-)

Alana and I

Plugging her ears..

Heading to take-off

Captain took this picture :-)


Getting her "wings"

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Bridget said...

Oh so cool! That looks like such a fun day!!

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