Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Well Child Checks

Today we went to the zoo and then to dr visits.

Donni (18 months)
27lbs = 70%
33inches = 75%
BMI 76%
YEAHHHH!! lol I actually have a child that is "average".. even above "average" lol.

Kaila (5 1/2 years)
35lbs = 8%
40inches = um it's below the bottom line which is 3%.. lol.
BMI 55-60%

The details:

Kaila was referred to dermatology and an allergist for her eczema (shes had it since she was a baby) and given a steriod cream because we've done tried the moisturizers. She got 2 shots (she needs 4 for kindergarten but I waived the MMR and the Chicken Pox with the school already so she only got polio and dtap) and as I type this she has a fever.. sigh. She also got her blood drawn to retest for spherocytosis (a hereditary anemia that I have and runs in our family) there is a more accurate test then she was tested negative with when she was a baby.

Donni got no shots as usual and he got his blood drawn to check for spherocytosis with the new test, check lead and anemia etc. We agreed that he should start some speech intervention just to give him a boost like we did with Kaila at 18months. We are not worried about Autism but he is delayed with speech and with a sibling with Autism it would be wise to make sure he doesn't fall too far behind. I am going to wait through the summer and sign him up with a therapist in the fall.

Alana did nothing during this visit but sang "Pokerface" to the medical assistant as she was giving Kaila shots. And sang "Single Ladies" to the lab techs as they drew blood from her siblings, by the time we got to lunch she was singing "Boom Boom Pow".. Her favorite at the moment is "Sugar". She is a walking, breathing, live radio station. Her teacher said she will be a DJ when she is older lol. They said one time she was singing "Please Don't Stop The Music" and they were telling her "Please STOP The Music" lol. I have a plan to show you some of her music loving soon..


mummyof5monsters said...

Boom Boom Pow and Poker Face are favorites of my kids too at the moment!

Kristine said...

Wtg kiddos!

:::can't read my, can't read my, no you can't read my pokeeeerrrr faaaacccceeeee......::: Love it, lol!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I am glad to hear, for the most part, it went well! It is such a priveledge to have good health care, isn't it?

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