Monday, July 6, 2009

Not Me Monday

Want more Not Me Monday fun?? Head over to MckMama's!

I did not clean out my kid's pool that was algae infested and found that it also had little red "worms" in it.. GAG.. Now it is not clean with chlorine added.

We did not find this hanging out around the pool...

Kaila did not lose her baby toenail or the majority of it while I was at work last night.. here's to hoping it grows back! I lost 2 fingernails as a child and they grew back..

She has also not been having nosebleeds EVERY DAY... multiple TIMES A DAY. Seriously I was hoping my children wouldn't take after me in that aspect... talk about flashbacks.

Gasoline did not get spilled in the garage.. onto the baby bassinet which I am keeping in case I ever have another baby and to pass on to my children for their children since all 3 of my kids used it. The other half did not put it in the trash :-X, making me dig it out! I am just glad he didn't break it. I have not tried all the tricks to get the stench out of it and it still stinks.. as does my washing machine...ugh.. so now I am just letting it sit outside in hopes to have nature take care of the smell.

Okay that's all my head hurts, Kaila and I are not sick.. at all.


McCarty and Company said...

Hi I just happened upon your blog *well actually from Mckmama's blog ;-)*, I read you last week too. This week, your comment about the baby might TRY, tomatoe juice, maybe even watered down, to wipe it down with. I know CRAZY, but it works for SKUNK SPRAY, so maybe it will work for gasoline. You might try vinegar or soda also, they are both great for killing odors. :-) Have a great week. Donita

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

1st- I am loving the new sidebar pictures of the kiddos on the sidebar!
2- sorry to hear about the basinet! I would be upset too, as I used the one I slept in as a baby for my boys too!

Tutu said...

I used the basinette (I can't seem to spell that word right) my mom slept in as baby, my siblings and I slept in it, all my kids, and most of my 7 nieces and nephew slept in it. I think you starting that tradition for your kids is great!

Be careful washing and drying gasoline soaked fabric. I have heard it can start a fire in your dryer!!

Hope Mother Nature does the trick for you!!

Crystal said...

Oh I didnt try drying it in the dryer, luckily I read some stuff online before it was done with the first wash.. I dont think I would have dried it anyway because part of the cloth I couldn't get off a plastic canopy piece so that was washed all together.. Too bad I didnt read the stuff online before I washed it at all... grrr lol.

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