Saturday, September 5, 2009

Cardboard Box Play House.. What Can You Make With Cardboard?

We had this big box from the lawn mower we bought a few months ago sitting in the garage along with a few other boxes so last weekend Kaila and I decided to make a play house with them..


Lots and Lots of duck tape
Boxes of varying sizes
Crazy Glue
and a crazy mother.

Without Further Ado... I present our house...

Below you will see the "mailbox" (aka huggies wipe box) Kaila requested her house MUST have, complete with her mail or football.. whatever.

This would be well let's see, a tunnel, a back door, a side door, a doggie door, if the flap was closed it could double as a tiny tiny bedroom.. Whatever you decide.

The "front door" view.. wow her house really looks messy inside, wonder where she gets that from?

To the left is the "chair" I made, gotta have some furniture..

Kaila's gorgeous decorations.. aka stickers, marker and scrapbook paper, even a shipping label.

Looking inside through the "window" this started as a shelf and was turned into a stove and sink.. like my stove burner artistic skills?

The sink (okay I will explain it to you the white duck taped thing would be the sink (yeah yeah its the cool above counter sink model).. the stick looking thing next to it would be the faucet).. I drew the line when asked to make a toilet.

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