Saturday, September 26, 2009

First day of school + some ; Kindergarten, 2nd Grade

Kaila has been in some type of school since 18months old so Kindergarten wasn't much of a big change like it is for most! She started September 2nd at the same school with Alana (we had to transfer because that elementary school is not the closest to us but I wanted them together) and has been doing well since. Her class is a mix of kids from all over the district that also transferred from their close home schools to this school through the no child left behind act.

2 weeks in and we got a notice that the teacher was only a sub to start the class off and a new teacher was being brought in.. This shocked all the parents because not one of us was told she was a "sub" for the first few weeks. I like the new teacher but they should have told us that the other teacher wasn't there for the long haul because Kaila was bawling the last day the teacher was there because they had all formed an attachment to her. She is of course over it now, love the memory of a 5 year old. That day though I let her write a note to the teacher (in email) and make a picture on paint to send to her too and that helped stop the crying. So they basically started over again 2 weeks in, each teacher does things their own way and the kids had to learn about her and her about them but so far so good..

Alana was also switched about a week in to another class with most the kids she was with last year and the same classroom but another teacher. I was on totally board with her class change though, the school initiated it and I agreed. The original class she was placed in was 1st and 2nd grade Teacch program (which was a Kindergarten class last year).. last year she was in 1-3rd grade Teacch class and she was the youngest in that class so she has been used to being with the older kids (and she's been in class off and on with these kids since preschool) then they put her in a class where she was one of the oldest.. a new classroom, new teacher, all new students to her, they were only doing the work station once a day when last year she was doing it at least twice and sometimes 3 times a day... it just seemed like a huge step backwards.

I would think that they automatically would have kept her in with the same kids and that class changed from 1-3 to 2-3 and shes in second grade so the move didn't make sense. Not even mentioning that they told me nothing about her class placement this year besides she would be in the Teacch program as usual...since I wasn't told anything different, I had assumed she would've been with the same kids.. at least those 3rd grade and under and I also assumed she was staying with that same teacher since she had grades 1-3 and Alana was going into second grade but they moved the teacher without informing me and changed classes around.

I love how schools totally keep you out of the loop like you don't give a shit what class they put your child in. ((hugs)) to all those with kids on IEP's, heck anyone with kids in school period.

I am not even going to start about Kaila's bussing situation because that would make this post REALLY REALLY long.

Below is Kaila on her first day of Kindergarten.. it was an orientation day where the parents stayed. I had Donni and Donni is well in a screaming phase.. I don't think the teachers will be asking me to volunteer in class anytime soon...

Oh and we already have our first fundraisers too.

And they had their pics taken last week as well, I'll share them when they arrive.. My plan was to let them take the photos by thierselves and if they come back good then great if not then I will take them to school and supervise the retakes :-D. Crossing my fingers for decent photos!

And one of Donni too just for the fun of it.. He exists really he does.

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Bridget said...

Glad the girls are adjusting to the changes, and love the pictures, the kids are cuties!! :D

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