Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our Team Shirt Design for Walk Now For Autism & Walk UPDATE!

My family is really coming out for the walk this year, so exciting! But that is in support to walk with us, we still are very low on donations which is the whole point of the walk so if you can donate I would love you forever! Anyway I will be holding a 10$ donation ticket raffle for a new IPOD in the very near future to raise some money so watch for that!

So the last few days my aunt and I have been designing up new shirts for this years Walk Now For Autism Oct. 3rd in Seattle. Last year we made shirts with fabric paint but this year I talked to my aunt because she makes custom shirts and is doing them for 3$ a piece (cost of shirt) and donating her time and other supplies to make them for the team. Anyway I wanted to incorporate the puzzle piece (had a huge one on the back last year). I wanted to incorporate Walk Now For Autism, as well as Seattle.. And of course Team Alana. Then I got the crazy idea to do a silhouette of Alana, I've seen them done for a friend of mine and I thought I would give it a shot myself for the shirt. So here is our shirt for this year!! I know the front and back colors don't match but I wanted to keep the logo the colors it is meant to be but also girly it up and you wont see the front and back at the same time :-P.

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AND.. in case anyone was curious this is the picture I used to make the silhouette of Alana! :-)

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Fabiola said...

I love it!!!!! Great joB!

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