Friday, September 25, 2009

Walk Now For Autism Speaks Update ~ Donation Bins, Thank You Cards, Bikini Stands

Walk Now For Autism Speaks Update..

The walk is fast approaching Oct 3rd in Seattle!

Can you Donate?
Anyone who donates 50$ or more will recieve a complimentary team shirt! We appreciate any and all donations.

I made 12 donation "bins" to place at local merchants. Side Note: Thanks to the guy on freecycle that happened to have a dozen empty protein powder jugs! :-) We have 2 at kids consignment shops, 1 at a kids kutz, 2 at gas stations, 1 at a mom and pop drive up burger place, 1 at the mexican restaurant I have given my life savings to, 1 at buzz inn restaurant, 1 at my favorite nail salon, 1 at a coin laundrymat, 1 at a pet store/ unique things store, & one at a hotel that one of our walkers manages. Now how much these bins will get in them who knows.. I could very well pick them up emtpy but it's worth a shot and we will know for next year the places to go again, am going to try espresso stands next year.. but you know of course not the bikini stands @@ what you don't have those where you live?? If you check the links.. you will thank your lucky stars your city/state doesn't suck... although I have thought about finding some nice women to open up a "man stand".. (use your imagination).

I also designed up a Thank You Card Template using our shirt design to give to all that donated or raised money or supported our team in some way. Just waiting on our final $$ tally to add to it as well as a team photo from the walk.

Custom Team Shirts are being printed for everyone, I have the first one she made looks great (design in a previous post)! I also helped design 2 shirts for friends of ours that are walking and have their own teams.

All walkers in our team were given donations forms to take to work, friends other extended family to procure donations. I added information about donating online to these forms as well as a half sheet "about me" with a photo of Alana with information about the walk.

Here's what they said (Also what is on the bins above, with the same photo):
Hi, my name is Alana, I am 7 years old and in a 2nd grade special education class . I am a very happy girl that happens to have Autism and Turner Syndrome. My family and friends and I are walking at the October 3rd Walk Now For Autism event in Seattle in support of Autism Speaks. We are asking for your support in pledging a donation to a walker in our team to help fund research and aide families dealing with autism. No donation is too small and we would be very grateful for any and all donations.

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