Thursday, September 24, 2009

No More TV at Night ; Night Light Edition

So there has been a rule change in our house..

I'm a horrible mother and I let the girls leave the tv on in their room at night.. I grew up doing it and still leave it on in my room..with no sound. I never had a problem with them going to sleep really (now that Alana is on melatonin) but a few nights recently I have had more problem of them waking up in the middle of the night. Mind you Alana has always done this and it was never a big issue but now that Kaila is finally sleeping in her room with Alana, when Alana wakes up she wakes up Kaila (Kaila normally sleeps like a log.. rarely woke when she slept in our room). Then Kaila proceeds to stay awake with Alana watching tv at 4am.. sometimes even turning the sound back on. Obviously this is not okay..especially with school (Kaila has to catch the bus at 7:38am) as well as Alana starting the melatonin is to get better sleep and hopefully help her attention span during the day to learn better and the tv is hindering we made a new rule..

They can still have the tv to fall asleep since I've never had a problem with that before.. but it will be turned off when I go to bed and they will just have to live with their new friend below..

Side note.. I am pretty proud of this picture with my p&s camera lol.. No flash in a dark room. This was 1 of 10 shots I took..
Below is what happened when I used flash.. not exactly what I was going for.

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