Monday, April 13, 2009

Even more proof I am a soccer mom..

Alana started soccer on Saturday! She plays with "TopSoccer" it is a program through the youth soccer association for special needs children and young adults.

She was so excited to put on her jersey :-D.

The girl in the white sweater was her buddy for the day. She got the joy of chasing Alana up the bleachers around the track... etc. Fast course into the world of autism.. in a little short hour. The kids if needed have a buddy because they want the parents to be able to watch from the sidelines like a parent would for any other typical sports activity. I had to intervene a few times but for the most part her buddy did good and got more comfortable towards the end with having to be physical with Alana like say to get her off the bleachers!

It was cold.. and Donni was not happy about it!

She didn't want the ball in the goal she went all around it avoiding it like the plague LOL.

Making an icecream cone.. they do this at Kaila's soccer too not quite sure why again lol. I think she was pretending to eat it too in this picture.

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