Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wacky World Wednesday

So on Wednesday's I think I am going to do a funny news/ stupid criminal type post. We seem to have an overabundance so why not share?? If you want to join in let me know, I want people to only report local news and I will put up mr. linky!


Samaritan cleans dirty crook's clock with soap

05:58 PM PDT on Tuesday, March 31, 2009


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EVERETT, Wash. -- Don't mess with a Good Samaritan carrying a bottle of laundry detergent.

Last Thursday, Susan Blackwell was loading groceries into her car at a Safeway when a man ran up and grabbed her purse. He pulled her to the ground and dragged her 20 feet.

Blackwell hung on tight, screaming.

“He was tugging and tugging and I had my arms over my head,” said Blackwell.

George Smith heard her cries for help.

"I heard a scream and I turned around and looked and I saw this guy dragging a lady across the parking lot with her purse strap,” said Smith.

At the time, Smith was carrying a 96-load bottle of Tide laundry detergent. So, he ran up to the thief did what came naturally.

"I just hauled off and hit him across the head with it,” said Smith.

The detergent that makes Smith’s clothes so soft and clean came down hard on a dirty crook, allowing two other Good Samaritans time to run up and tackle the robber.

Police arrested 31-year-old Aaron Brown III. He's now facing a charge of first degree robbery and has prior theft and robbery convictions.

"I'm so thankful for the people that helped me," said Blackwell.

Smith is thankful he was there with his unlikely weapon.

"I guess Tide does take care of the dirty things,” said Smith.

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