Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Where are the eggs at??

My mom took the girls and my nieces to church on Easter. Alana's first time at church.. It was a scary thought how it would go down. But as you can see everyone lived and came back home. My sister and I filled eggs while they were gone and while we watched slumdog millionaire. It was confusing at first then you put the pieces together and it starts to make sense.. Good Movie! Then we hid them in the backyard even though it was raining.. what do you want from me it's Seattle for pete's sake, we can handle a little rain. This was the first egghunt we have done at my house, it's always been at a relatives or not at all. This also was Alana's first egg hunt that I didn't walk her around and help her.. she only got 5 eggs.. which is fine she was having fun and that's what its about and she did it by herself but she mostly enjoyed watching the other kids find eggs! At least she is not greedy like the other kids :-P.

My niece handing Kaila an egg that Kaila spotted in the tree and couldn't reach, she was jumping for it, it was so cute and I got it on video but my video camera is ancient and takes VHS.. no computer connecting!

Get down little missy! (You like my McDonald's Picnic table?) That thing is sooo heavy lol.

Do you see an egg?? I do.. it took the kids forever to find this one.. with my encouraging lol.

I gave it to Alana.. she was happy about that!.. as you can see Kaila.. um.. not so much.

Another egg that took them forever to find...we said look up and they were looking on the roof, etc.. I said we are not that good now come on lol

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