Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm a soccer mom.. and a minivan mom. How did this happen?

Kaila plays soccer every spring (I think we are going to start fall sessions too)..Our first class was supposed to be the 1st but wouldn't ya know it snowed.. it started the 8th instead. There is no games it is just fun practice, skill learning time through the parks and recreation. I figure there really isn't reason for "games" until they are older.. unless its a practice game with the other kids in the class. When she is older we will join her in the youth soccer league to play "for real". Daddy is a soccer player (as a hobby) and pro soccer fan.. as you might notice he has his cleats on, I didn't until I saw the photos.. so observant I am. We stayed in the field away from where the other kids were just kicking our our own soccer ball.

In case you need help she is in the middle in blue pants and pink sweater.

Donni, don't mind the drool hanging from his chin..

Donni and Daddy
Go Kaila go Kaila go!


Coming for water.

Kaila.. you are so... dramatic.

Daddy, Donni, and Alana playing in the field..

Kinda looks like he is dancing no?

Silly stuff.. the coach is a "chicken" and the flags are his "feathers". The kids have to get the "feathers" off the coach all while they make sure to dribble the soccer ball with them.

Alana playing

Get her Donni!



Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy said...

it happens to the best of us :)

love the photos.
the boys are doing TBall (again) and trying flag football. I think Johnny would love soccer but they insisted they wanted to try flag football so that's what they're doing.

Kristine said...

Great pics! Donni is getting soooo big. :(

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