Thursday, March 12, 2009

Going out to eat... Alana edition.

********UPDATE PICTURES!!!**********

Tonight my mom and I (and Alana and Donni) went to my favorite mexican restaurant.. yes the same one I always go to.. anyway when we were about to leave they sang happy birthday to another table.. Alana was happy and excited for the singing..

They stop and she starts getting upset..

I say "what??"

She says "birthday cake"..

Sigh... one day she will learn that there will not always be cake when she hears the birthday song.

She will not have to be practically dragged out of a restaurant which even that was only possible by allowing her to go to the table that had the birthday song sang to them.. so we could prove to her that there was no birthday cake.. now if they had actually had cake we would have been screwed lol. We are at least thankful that the singing came at the time we were about to leave!

She had icecream before the singing you think her dessert appetite would be supressed no?

Oh and try going to a park, chuckie cheese etc. where there is birthday parties going on and you aren't a part of any of them?? yeah... don't get scared just yet.

In less then 2 weeks is HER birthday... now that will indeed have cake and she will be back to her blissful cake and birthday loving self!

On a side note I got her build a bear today.. and when you push it's paw it sings a version of happy birthday :-D.

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