Sunday, March 1, 2009

A little of this and that...

**I won a 25$ build a bear E-giftcard!
Woohoo, I feel so special thanks MyLooneyVerse!

**Today is the other halfs 30th birthday... man we're getting old (well he is haha I have 4 more yrs until I hit 30.. my dearest apologizes to those over 30 lol). The girls and I just baked a cake using the modifications to boxed cake listed here, I also made cupcakes using it for Valentines day for work. We made up this frosting for it just waiting for it to cool to frost it, I made those bars for valentines day as well and I like that frosting better then the frosting that was listed for the cupcakes. We also used this idea to color sugar to decorate the cake with, its "drying" on some wax paper now! I think I am going to use a straw to nicely place the sugar to write out happy birthday.. we will see how it works! I will share my finished product! If the caregiver gets here before he does Kaila and I are going to the store to get some balloons and a little something for him. He already got his main gift a new home stereo that came in the mail a few days ago! But I like to let Kaila pick out something for him "from the kids".

**Kaila lately has this saying she uses... "oh barnicles". She said she learned it from Anywho she says this in place of things like darnit, shoot etc.. Like if I say no you can't do or have something she says "oh barnicles". It really is driving me just a little crazy, I know its appropriate I mean, when you step on barnicles it makes you want to drop the S or F Bombs.. Now if you aren't familiar with them just take my word for it you non rocky beach people.

**Alana the other day we were out grocery shopping, as I was returning some movies to the moviecube Alana says Quieres Yogos?? (you know yogos those yogurt coated thingamiggys) I was like seriously did you just speak spanish to me lol. This coming from a girl with Autism and doesn't even like speaking English.. She is actually quite the parrot and will repeat just about anything she hears. The other half is spanish speaking and he thinks its just so awesome she repeats him and he does it when he talks to his family in Mexico on the phone so they can hear her lol.. This is the first time though that I have heard her use any of it functionally.. Oh and for those who have no idea what Quieres means, it means want.


Anonymous said...

Oh Barnicles is from Sponge Bob :-D

Crystal said...

You thats what I thought but she swears up and down that its disney lol... but she is a little story teller haha.

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