Friday, March 6, 2009

How much money do you spend on food?

So today I went grocery shopping and realized when I was done that I have 666 Reward Points for the cycle that started on 1/25 and ends on 4/25. So thats barely over a month so far k.. got that part??

So each reward point at this one stop shop Fred Meyers (pacific northwest store, carries kroger and FMV store brand products) is equal to a dollar that you have spent there.

WOW, I have spent 666$ there in a little over a month, 167$ was from today.

I do 95% of my grocery shopping there, the remainder I do at Walmart and milk every so often at 7 Eleven.

Granted I also buy a good portion of my household and beauty products there like garbage bags, sandwich bags, paper towels, OTC medicine, paper plates, soap, laundry stuff etc. Today I bought 4 new sippy cups there too.

And I think this might include my gas purchases too, probably about 100$ total?? At least I hope it does or that is way too much money on food.

I would guess that I spend between on average 300-400$ a month on food (not counting eating out, but that is counting food bought at other stores).

How much do you spend on groceries??

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