Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tag you're it!! Me weird?? NAHH I am completely normal.

Lisa @ Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy has tagged me.

I just have to share 6 weird things about myself and then "tag" 6 of my bloggy friends. Yeah "just" huh lol. Like Lisa said the hard part isn't coming up with the weird things, it is remembering if they have been mentioned on here already in some shape or form.. so with that said I am sorry if there are any repeats of things you already know!

1. Let's see come on this can't be too difficult.. I am anal about the toilet paper and paper towel rolls, they have to be rolled out "over the top"... under and it drives me utterly insane. I have to take it off and reposition it.. even if it's not my house.

2. I use to have horrible nosebleeds when I was a kid, I still have them but not nearly as bad usually. Kaila has inherited this trait of mine unfortunately.. So far her's seem a little less milder then mine were but none the less scary for most people. Alana gets them too but much less frequent and milder. My best friend once broke her nose and still has never once had a nosebleed. When I was 7.... a doctor actually asked my mom (ASSuming jokingly) if I snorted cocaine.. REALLY?? My mom has had to deal with a few of Kaila's nosebleeds and twice she has called me freaking out because she didnt know how to stop it.. thus freaking Kaila out.. really?? You raised me! The queen of nosebleeds (I mean seriously most kids go to the nurse if their nose is a blood floodgate at school, but no I just excused myself to the restroom.. like it was nothing) you think she would be experienced in that aspect right? She tells me that was a long time ago! Gee way to make me feel old.. We also even weirder call the clots that come out of our noses "worms".. for some reason this makes it sound betteR?? I know it doesn't make any sense haha.

3. I am a clutz, I had stitches in my forehead twice, stitches in my foot and countless other ouchies that didnt need them. I have burned my face, my leg (both with top ramen) and my foot.. My foot was because of my shortness I used to climb on the counters to get things.. another trait that my short little child has inherited grrr. Well one time a burner was on and I didn't know it. It burn't in the rings just like the burner.. wasn't comical then but it is now lol. But I have never broken a single bone.. but I did sprain/tear my ligament on my ankle really badly stepping off a wood "curb" at a playground. Seriously?? WTF I could have at least been doing something "worth" it.. My foot swelled with blood instantly.. and the blood had given into gravity over the next few days and the bruising was on the bottom of my foot where it didn't even hurt... go figure.

4. I hate socks.. I hate socks with a passion. I hate shoes. If it were up to me I would never wear anything but flip flops. and even those come off the second I am indoors. I wear them in the snow, comes in handy with pedicures lol. The only time I wear socks is when I am forced to when I am working, when if rarely I ever go for a brisk walk of bike ride... and I hate every minute of it. The other half is the opposite, he even wears socks with sandals, he wears socks to bed in the summer.. this some nights makes me want to shoot him. I have very dry skin and when those gosh darn socks touch my legs they make them itch like no tomorrow.

5. I have a huge fear of wasps, I could care less about honey bees etc. A few times, a few years ago, at my old house there were wasps everywhere around our front porch most the year, I would sit in my car afraid to go in my house for the fear of being stung... for hours. Those tiny little skinny legs dangling..yikes.. This may or may not have anything to do with "My Girl".

6. I have never seen the movie series Jurassic Park (maybe 10 minutes maybe....), Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Carribean or Harry Potter.. Now don't burn me at the stake.

Oh I forgot I have to tag some people...

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Domestically Disabled Girl said...

That was great! Weird? maybe, but aren't we all! I loved the TP one, because I am the same way.

Jacki said...

i TOTALLY AGREE ON #1. Chuck says I'm "anal" about it! lol

I'm allergic to wasps, so they creep me out, and I'd rather be barefoot than wear shoes or socks!

Becca said...

I think that you did a great job. I hear you on the toilet paper roll. I also hate when other people cannot be bothered to put it on! Perhaps they know that they will mess it up anyway so they have stopped trying!


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