Thursday, March 5, 2009

$$ Me + Build A Bear = Helping The Economy! $$

So this is what I purchased with my gift certificate that I won for Build A Bear, and the conversation with Tricia that ensued lol.


14 in. Lil' Chocolate Cub #1


Crew Neck Tee - Pink #1

- Message: - Royal-blue- Line 1 “Happy 7th Birthday”- Line 2 “ALANA MARIA!”- Line 3 “We Love You!”

Flat Denim Skirt


Happy Birthday Bear Song

Black Rhinestone Leggings


Fuchsia Scarf Headband


Fuchsia Perfect Flats


Sub Total:
WA Tax:
Order Total:

Total was 44$ before Shipping and Tax..but I found a 5$ off code, minus 25$ Giftcard my final personal cost was 23.64$ with shipping!

************Now for our conversation ************

Crystal42683 [5:47 P.M.]: okay should I spend 30$ on build a bear? lol
Crystal42683 [5:47 P.M.]: talk me out of it lol
Gbrksfan [5:48 P.M.]: ok why would you want to spend 30 dollars on a teddy bear that in six months will be at the bottom of the basketball toy box you got? (See I read my comments)
Crystal42683 [5:48 P.M.]: lol
Crystal42683 [5:49 P.M.]: because its cute and I got a gift certificate but just animal is so boring I want to dress it all cute lol
Gbrksfan [5:49 P.M.]: ROFLMAO!!! ok see you can't ask me to talk you out of accessories
Crystal42683 [5:50 P.M.]: wanna see what I want? lol
Crystal42683 [5:51 P.M.]: whats ur email again lol
Gbrksfan [5:51 P.M.]: < Gbrksfan [5:51 P.M.]: lol
Crystal42683 [5:51 P.M.]: k ygm
Gbrksfan [5:53 P.M.]: ok 1) you didnt tell me it was for Alanas birthday 2) that is TOO cute 3) I cant tell you no lol
Crystal42683 [5:53 P.M.]: lol damn u
Gbrksfan [5:54 P.M.]: but I have never in my life spent 44 dollars on a teddy bear :oX
Crystal42683 [5:55 P.M.]: Its 57 :-X
Crystal42683 [5:55 P.M.]: lol
Crystal42683 [5:55 P.M.]: but I would pay 32$
Gbrksfan [5:55 P.M.]: would it make you feel better if I told you, you are my favorite crackhead mama :o)~
Crystal42683 [5:55 P.M.]: LMAO
Crystal42683 [5:56 P.M.]: Maybe I can find some discount code lol
Crystal42683 [5:57 P.M.]: I saw the leggings and I just have to have the leggins with the skirt
Crystal42683 [5:57 P.M.]: and the embroidered shirt
Crystal42683 [5:57 P.M.]: the headband and shoes can be removed
Gbrksfan [5:57 P.M.]: LOL
Crystal42683 [5:57 P.M.]: but I dont want to ... but I do lol
Crystal42683 [5:58 P.M.]: Hey and I even got one of the cheaper teddy bears
Crystal42683 [5:58 P.M.]: its only 10$ not 20$ lol
Crystal42683 [5:58 P.M.]: its the damn accesories lol
Gbrksfan [5:59 P.M.]: ROFLMAO!!!!!! those damn accessories
Gbrksfan [5:59 P.M.]: you can tell its a female bear
Crystal42683 [5:59 P.M.]: lol really haha
Crystal42683 [6:00 P.M.]: that was my thinking with the headband because you know the skirt and pink shirt didnt already accomplish it lol
Crystal42683 [6:00 P.M.]: then the shoes they just screamed at me..
Crystal42683 [6:00 P.M.]: And you dont even want to know that I secretly want to add some sunglasses lmfao
Gbrksfan [6:01 P.M.]: Crystal.. you are an addict.
Crystal42683 [6:01 P.M.]: lol
Crystal42683 [6:02 P.M.]: the sunglasses I added then took off because they will be busted in 2 seconds lol
Crystal42683 [6:02 P.M.]: The shoes I might take off too because my kids cant even keep track of their own shoes lol but they are so cute!
Gbrksfan [6:03 P.M.]: roflmao see that I definitely get
Crystal42683 [6:04 P.M.]: Now maybe I can glue them to the bear HAHAHA
Crystal42683 [6:05 P.M.]: sorry just rationalizing spending $$ lol
Gbrksfan [6:05 P.M.]: roflmao my kids would find a way to STILL remove them
Crystal42683 [6:06 P.M.]: oh build a bear sucks
Crystal42683 [6:06 P.M.]: they wont allow codes on losers lol
Gbrksfan [6:07 P.M.]: lol
Crystal42683 [6:12 P.M.]: I found a 5$ off code!
Crystal42683 [6:12 P.M.]: woot woot
Crystal42683 [6:12 P.M.]: and I chose the 3$ cheaper shipping
Crystal42683 [6:12 P.M.]: makes 23$ for me.. thats not too bad
Crystal42683 [6:12 P.M.]: and that gets the shoes
Crystal42683 [6:12 P.M.]: lol
Gbrksfan [6:12 P.M.]: roflmao!!!!! no that is not bad at all
Crystal42683 [6:20 P.M.]: okay I did it.. phew that was hard work lmao
Gbrksfan [6:22 P.M.]: lmao


Domestically Disabled Girl said...

Wow, those bears are expensive, but that is a pretty kickin' outfit. Way to help the economy!!

Heidi said...

Hilarious. I was just thinking of taking my daughter to Build A Bear.... I think I will wait. Ha. Or have grandma take her. Grandma's can't resist those pleading eyes, but might shoot me if she has to buy a $40 bear. (that's almost worth it right there.)

Bridget said...

Loving the bear and her accessories!!! Now I wanna Build A Bear, what the heck would I do with it! :D

pretend play washer dryer said...

Awww... I love that little chocolate cub.! I am now thinking of building a bear!

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