Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm So Excited! ~ An Email From Alana's Teacher...

I got this email this morning from Alana's teacher... Talk about make my day!

Hi Crystal,

I forgot to send you an email on Monday. We sent home name writing sheets on Monday. Monday was the first day that Alana fairly accurately traced her name - we sent the example home and are so excited to see this progress! I know you use the office at home, so we thought you might like to use the same sheets. If you do not, no worries. If you need more later, feel free to ask as well.

Miss Kate told me about another fun interaction she had with Alana also on Monday. (Kate had your younger daughter in preschool awhile back, so she remembered Alana). Anyways, the bus was really late, so she was sitting with Alana and another student while the bus driver was waiting for another student and ran to the restroom. Kate sang a song, and then said they would sing another. She asked Alana if she liked "Slippery Fish". Alana told her no. She then asked "What song do you like" and Alana respond with another song choice. She came and asked me if she was imagining it. I told her no - over the last few days I have noticed that Alana has been starting to have some longer "conversations". A few times I have asked her if she wanted an item, and she will tell me "no". Then when I ask her what she wants, she will ask for something else in a sentence. Plus in general, she has been asking very "politely" for food items (without as much prompting). It is exciting to see a new skill developing! I am excited and just wanted to mention it to you!

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Bridget said...

How exciting!! I love when Kyle's teachers notice progress he's made and say positive things about him to me! A note like that would have made my day too!!

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