Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Alana School Photo 2009-10 School Year


So I got Alanas pictures back the same day as Kaila's but... I got them back looking like this...

She didn't go to school with a wet I called the photography folks to see if they could photoshop the shirt because she was actually smiling and looking at the camera.. You don't understand how difficult that is to do lol.. so I was otherwise happy with the photo. They said they could but they would have to remove the logo area... fine with me if it means we can avoid retakes! Since they were already in there fixing the shirt I asked them to also zoom in just a tiny bit since she was quite farther away then Kaila was in hers (same school, same pic day etc.). Yesterday I got the new photos in the mail..

(although the sent me 1 8x10, not 3 like the package I ordered so I am calling them back again but otherwise I'm happy with the new pics!)

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Bridget said...

Very cute!! She has a gorgeous smile!

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