Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Costumes ~ Surfer, Garden Fairy & Spongebob ; Halloween 2009

I've always tried getting costumes the prior year cheap but it never happens. I don't know what they will be in to the next year I dont want to get a costume they will hate.. plus most of the good costumes are taken after halloween. And I am forgetful and lose things I always save leftover xmas cards from the prior season and never find them next season and end buying new anyway.. I would lose the costumes in the garage somewhere and forget I ever even bought them.. Although I do think the after halloween costumes if you get the right deals would be great for just dress up pretend play. Alana still likes to wear her dorothy dinosaur wiggles costume from 3 years ago.

So Alana is in to spongebob at the moment and I got her this costume off craigslist (photo is a stock photo of the costume from

Kaila wanted to be a fairy of some sort.. our first choice butterfly fairy we couldnt find in her size and then she seen this one at walmart and had to have it.. it's a Garden Fairy and it lights up! (again stock photo from

People are always saying Donni looks like a little surfer including myself (hair mostly :-P) so I had a crazy idea and he is a surfer for halloween. Did you know they don't make a surfer costume?? Did you know I couldn't find a mini surfboard online?? So I made one to be used as his bag because really you can't expect an almost 2 year old to carry a bag AND a surfboard... Shoot he probably wont even carry the combo I made.. or any bag for the matter. I got the design idea for the surfboard from this because he is wearing nemo trunks..

Little fin side

The middle is his treatbag I used 2 halloween them treat/lunch bags and took the bottom out of one and connected them to make on big long bag.

Letting big fin side dry

Finished Costume (little fin side)

(big fin side)

Added some halloween ribbon for straps to hold it.


Bridget said...

You SO ROCK!! What an awesome idea for the surf board/goodie bag and it turned out so well! I am not that talented. The three of them are going to look great!

Crystal said...

I'm just a good copycat :-) lol.

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