Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rewind Day 2 ; Seattle Aquarium

We also went to the Seattle Aquarium in August. I went alone. I am crazy. Donni was being extra cranky so we weren't there long and truth be told I was kind of disappointed with the aquarium really. I was expecting cool sharks or something and I got.. NEMO. Not only that but it was packed and I could barely maneuver a stroller around all the people. People would walk in front of us to look in the tanks when we had been waiting and they can see just fine from behind us or wait their damn turns.. I have little kids who cannot see over 6 foot tall people hell I can't even see over most adults needless to say I was a bit cranky because Donni was cranky.. and the other people just made it that much worse!

Just reminded me why at the moment I tend to leave him out when it comes to stuff like this.. he's in that stage where he hates the stroller, he hates being held.. sure he can walk but he also hates holding your hand and walking the direction you want him to. He thinks it's hilarious to collapse every 2 seconds dragging you down with him.. and when you are trying to hold Alana's hand as well she gets dragged down too..and trying to make sure Kaila is paying attention to where she is going it is too much. And it's just a blast when Donni pulls one arm one way and Alana is pulling your other arm another way or trying to pry your hand from hers so she can run away.

The Jellyfish were my favorite part.

There was a light that changed colors and lit up the jellyfish it was pretty cool

some kind of water bird

This was the ceiling in one area lol.

The huge dome tank area

feeding time!

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Bridget said...

Sorry, I had to laugh about really did look like an awesome place, though! We need something like that close by.

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