Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Pumpkin Farm Fall Harvest ; Okay so it isn't "tomorrow"

Fall Harvest ; Pumpkin Farm

Okay so I know I said I would post this on Sunday but sue me..I sorta had to get a new washer and clean my garage and Sundays we now have a nice breakfast as a family with pancakes and all and actually try to get some stuff done before I go to work.

We have been going to this farm since Alana was a baby and I think only missed going last year. The girls actually got to go twice this year because Alana had went with her class the day before we all went and Kaila went yesterday with her class so we have 5 pumpkins sitting on our porch. 3 Big ones from when we all went and 2 little ones from when they went with their classes. Oh and in case you are wondering who the big blonde girl is that is my niece, she was my "helper" who whined the whole time.

You like those dust particles don't ya?

Now Kaila... don't kill the kitty.

Kaila and a friend of ours his name is Cale..

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