Friday, October 16, 2009

Fruit Flies, Gnats ; Trap and Burn in HE double L

Warning this post may not be for the squeamish..

I really hate this time of year. Why?? because fruit flies and I both don't like the cold. But the difference is I BELONG in MY HOUSE and THEY DON'T!

I bought the stupid fly tape strip things.. worked for me once a long time ago. This time they landed and flew right off?? seriously.. I have super power gnats.

So I remembered saving this site in my favorites a LONG LONG time ago.. (really you should see my favorites list, it's yeah..) that shows some ways to make traps.

I made one trap with the funnel method.

Kaila broke said trap all over the floor.

Made another trap, no action at first but it looked like this the next day.

I made another trap.

Have caught alot of fruit flies and let them fly away outside.

Stupid Gnats.. GO AWAY.

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