Sunday, October 4, 2009

Walk Now For Autism Speaks Seattle ; Final Update W/ Pictures

Walk Now For Autism Speaks
October 3rd, 2009


We raised 489$ on behalf of Team Alana!

And had a team of 28 people (including children) supporting Alana!

I would like to thank the following people for donating in some form.

Lisa Noel
Dianne (Alana's speech therapist)
Anna Fang
Dennis (my sister's Boss)
Dentri McDonald's
My mothers Boeing co-workers
My grandmother and her lovely friends
Buzz INN (marysville)
Tesoro's Gas Station
Gas Station (unknown name in Arlington)
Just For Kids Consignment Shop
Coin Laundry on 128th
Los Potrillos
Dora Lattish
Julie Swanson

I think I got everyone!

I would also like to thank all of those who walked on our team, supported our team and raised donation money!!

The day of the walk turned out to be a nice day, no rain this year! It was held at the Dempsey arena at the University of Washington and the walk was through the UW Campus. Please enjoy the photos!!

Our team photos (click for larger)

Alana doing ???

Oh Geoffreyyyyyyyyyyy

Little man...

My sister, niece and Donni

Alana and Uncle James (my brother)

Maria and Ana from TEAM ANA and Alana.

Seahawks Blue Thunder Band and Blitz Mascot performing at opening ceremony

Crazy mascot...

We're off!

Gma and Alana

She walked the whole way this year!

Our team or most of it relaxing at the fountain!

A family photo... never get a family photo im always behind the camera or we arent in the same place at the same time lol.

I had to take this picture, just thought it was funny that the 4 strollers on our team were being pushed by the men :-P.

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Bridget said...

Love the pics-glad to finally see one of all of you together and it makes for a great header!! :D

Love the drum line performance!! I was in band for ten years and was the secretary for one for 2, so I LOVE music!

Glad the walk went so well!!

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