Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rewind Day 3 ; Seattle Pacific Science Center

So the same day we went on the Duck Ride we also went to the Pacific Science Center across the street. I love the science center but it's so big you need an entire day or a little time each day for a few days to actually see everything. I went to the laser show there one time in my preteen/teen years and it was cool so we did that with the kids. Alana plugged her ears nearly the whole time because they did the show to very very loud Queen music lol but she loved it.. but dont dare take her hands from her ears haha! I tried to take a few pics but you can't have flash in there and you can't show the camera screens because that stuff messes with the lasers and viewing experience lol so I was taking pictures with the screen against my jeans lol.

This is the best I got.. sad isn't it?

Big rotating water ball

The Hamster wheel! lol this was fun.

Water guns

Music room in the kiddie play area

The big table and chairs

Butterfly exhibit.. Alana grabbed at least 3 butterflies. On the way out she grabbed one when we were being inspected to be butterfly free.. and the woman behind us (I was told, I didnt see) apparently dropped her jaw like Alana just grabbed the pope by the neck. Sheesh it's just a butterfly! and she didn't stomp on it she just grabbed it lol.

Butterflies look like grasshoppers with wings.. did u know that?

I so thought this one was dead but it was alive.. is it supposed to look like this? doubt it and it didnt fly away or get spooked so I assume something was wrong with it?

Huge guitar, they also had a piano and other musical stuff

We were too beat for the space needle but had to walk by it back to the car..maybe another day.

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