Monday, October 5, 2009

Alana's Work Box Tasks for TEACCH Work Station at Home; Videos of them being done to come next!

Here are some pictures of the work tasks Alana was doing yesterday at her Autism TEACCH model workstation here at home. I videotaped her doing each one and that post is next!! So stay tuned!

The picture above is the file holder that has worksheets, file folder games etc. in it to use for her tasks.

This I just wanted to point out that I am the biggest procrastinator and from the green over to the "shire" is file folder games that I have yet to actually put together into a folder. I copied them all from a book I borrowed from her teacher last year.

This pizza puzzle file folder game I got from among many other things I got from there. It is difficult because you do not match the shapes but the pepperonis and they all look very similar! You can make this harded by not having the picture to match the piece too.. just them putting it together like a regular puzzle. I printed it on cardstock, but only laminated the pieces (not the paper glued to the folder) and use velcro.

This is tracing sheets, Letter and her Name.. I place these in the same bin together. I have masters that I just copy as needed.

This is of course a puzzle. It's one of the more difficult ones because a) it is an actual picture while most 25 piece puzzles are cartoony and have more solid lines, b) its a free standing puzzle (not a board that it is placed on that shows its border etc.). If I am giving her a puzzle that does have a board with it she gets 3 of those in one bin because they are easier. But for this one, one is good. Puzzles can be used by most ability levels, by outlining the puzzle pieces on their matching board, numbering them with matching numbers on the board, making a board that goes with a free standing puzzle, using peg puzzles, starting at simple 3 piece peg shape puzzles.

This is a gripping activity that also teacher patterns, very good for fine motor. Before I bought this I used cheap clothespins from the store and carboard colored the same colors with marker, so that is always an option!! I bought this from Abilitations.. and have lost a yellow and blue pin.. ughh I hate little pieces!

This is what we used before I bought the one above.. I think these were like 2$ at the store.

This is nuts and bolts activity, I give them to her put together and then she takes them apart and puts them back together. Good for fine motor also matching. I got thses from abilitations (comes in a huge pack of 24 I think).. but you can always use some from the hardware store but we have little piece issue here and these were cuter lol.

This is a Sticker Dot Letter activity. I have every letter for younger kids you can start with just one letter but I do the full page of 2 letters. I got these from her teacher and keep a master of each letter (a to z) and copy as needed but you can probably be easily made yourself by hand or in a paint computer program. it helps with fine motor (the stickers) as well as letter recognition.

This is a cutting activity, I got some of these cutting sheets from her teacher and again keep what she gives me as masters and copy them as needed. The thicker outline makes it easier to cut, and could easily be done with any coloring book page and just outlined with a thick black marker and copied as needed. The scissors you see here are from abilitations catalog, they have many different types.

This is her last box which is normally the reward box, this is dot art page she used an art dobber to "color". Other ideas for a reward box are playdough, candy, any toy your child likes. A folder with pecs type pictures so they can choose the reward, (audio book, outside, ticker, squeeze, books, computer time, candy etc.)

Just a few pictures of the station (bins start on the left and when completed move to the right)

If your child isn't distracted by it supplies can be kept on the top of the REINFORCED shelving units and on the bottom shelf. I have the file holder up there (2 actually) and a bin of flashcard that I use to do some activities and folders (see a previous post on using them for folder games) and a bin full of puzzles etc. and of course her work light since she is often working in the evening after school.

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Anny said...

Wow, you look like you've done a great job setting up a TEACCH station! If you didn't know already, Daiso (at Westlake Center) is a great place to buy stuff to use to make work tasks (and WAAAY cheaper than Abilitations). Also, if you're ever in Portland there's a great place on SE Hawthorne called the Dollar Scholar. I teach, and I use the Abilitations catalog for ideas, then buy the stuff elsewhere.

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