Thursday, October 15, 2009

New Old Washer ; Repair - I am so Good at Puzzles

So my washer broke 2 weeks ago..

It was making a grinding noise and barely spinning.

Still drained water and agitated.

I wanted to see if I could fix it myself...

Because I am a handywoman ya know..

I looked up online how to remove the cabinet..

Also what might be the problem.

This video was a big help..

I was hoping it was the coupler..

I wasn't so lucky..

The coupler was fine.

My father who knows appliances but lives in Texas was on the phone with me helping me check the coupler. After that was shown to be okay and knowing the oil was everywhere we came to the conclusion that the transmission was bad.

After I hung up with him I decided to pull out the transmission and be nosy and just check stuff out. It takes alot to pull out a transmission out of a washer just an FYI... you have to remove the tub, agitator etc. as well to get to it.

It is the transmission or a part to the transmission that would cost more then the washer is worth.

I then had to put it all back together after I "investigated".

Apparently I am good at puzzles because when I got it back together it actually worked.. not work as in fixed but worked as in no more broken then before I took it all apart!

It is now in the garage and a new old washer in its place that was gifted to us by a friend that didn't need it.

See that hunk o metal to the left? that would be the motor.


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Bridget said...

I am so not handy like that!

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