Friday, February 27, 2009

Alana and her ears..

We went to the doctor this morning and she ruptured her ear drum. Got antibiotics and drops and have to call her ENT on Monday to schedule an appt. Because the ped dr (not our normal one) didn't see the tube in her ear at all. So looks like we may be heading for a 3rd tube surgery. Joy.. Good thing is Alana is not acting sick at all, perfectly happy as a clam. She did have a minor anxiety attack the other day where she said her ear hurt but other then that she's been normal. No fever, nothing.
I am actually very proud of her today she let the dr look in her ears without a huge fight.. Alana generally likes going to the doctors, she loves having her blood pressure taken, her heart listened to etc..She even said AHHH so the dr could look in her mouth today! But usually stay far away from her ears lol... and whatever you do, do not bring a needle or catheter anywhere near her!

After her appt, we dropped off her prescription, got some Wendy's and met Kaila's bus at home. Then we went to Fred Meyer's to return the movies we rented (changeling and little cars) to the movie cube thingamajiggy.. And picked up a few things... including stamps so we could mail out her birthday invitations! So most of those are in the mail minus 2 I am still waiting for addresses on! Then we went and picked up the prescriptions and eventually found ourselves at home :).
So I am waiting for a call back from the doctor's office..
Because I got up to get Alana ready for school and found that she has a bloody ear..
Probably a ruptured ear drum from an infection and/or just fluid again...
And she has tubes.. twice might I add.
I did have a nice post planned today but that will now have to wait until tomorrow!
Because.. doctor will take all day and I have to work at 4.

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