Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I am so happy and overjoyed to announce that the smell culprit has been found!!


The smell has been identified! That was just an awful 2 weeks let me tell you, window open, tarts burning, carpet shampooing, new mattress buying (which needed to be done anyway, this time I left the plastic on..), smell was worse when the heater was on...

All because of this

Don't mean to gross anyone out, okay maybe I do...

If you cannot tell what that rancid thing that is, it would be a large pack of honey turkey lunchmeat that my so darling daughter Kaila loves to eat out of the package and left it in the room and it got under a dresser (it was stuck in a barely visible spot in the corner and was elusive until now).. and I finally found it!

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Bridget said...

Okay, eeewww....but very glad you found it!! :-D
I would not have rested until I located it either, LOL!!

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