Thursday, February 19, 2009

Alana's Bday Invite!

This is Alana's bday invite, they are being printed and shipped to me and were designed by this lovely lady!
Thanks Again!
I will be handing them out to the invitees soon! Sorry I can't invite everyone I wish I could though, there is a cap on the number of kids! (the blacked out areas are my address and phone # which of course I don't want all over the net.. lol click to view larger).


Kristine said...

I like it!

Stephanie said...

Very cute!!

Lynne Campbell said...

I wanted to invite you to a new memme we have over at Seeking His Face...In Everything!
The Memme is titled :Friday Show and Tell: The Parents Edition. Link is here:
Come on over and check it out, feel free to link it to any post recent that might apply.
Also I have a Giveaway you might be interested in. here's the link.

Thanks for the follow!
Love your Blog!

Amy said...

I didn't know you were over here too! I'm still at xanga. Don't know why. But Renee pestered me till I started this blog too!

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