Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Tattooing Rules: the good, the funny, the bad, and the ugly..

We didn't get our tats because it was busy, and the other half couldn't find a design he wanted and we just left. Maybe another day right?? I am getting something at least but I am not so sure anymore that I am getting the autism puzzle designs. We went to dinner instead ALONE you know how long it's been since we've done that? lol I can't even remember.

My reasonings for maybe not doing the puzzle anymore and getting something else because while I was looking for design ideas I came across a few people and websites especially older folks with autism/aspergers that do not like the puzzle as the sign of autism. This was news to me.. I didnt know some don't agree with it. What if some day the logo is changed then what will my puzzle piece be for? I know it would still have meaning of course but I am rethinking it and may get something else.

I have no problems with the puzzle piece because it brings attention to autism, and I personally think a puzzle accurately represents the complexity of the majority of autism cases. However I am not so sure I want it now. I found Autism spelled out in different colored blocks that I like that I may get that instead on my wrist (viewable but also able to be covered with a watch for work) or a butterfly or a heart that has puzzle pieces that form it.. that way its more then just a puzzle piece or pieces?

So since we didn't get our tattoos last night I am posting about tattoos anyway because upon my search for a tat design I got the "bright" idea for this post.

Love or Hate em?

My own Tattoo Rules:

I am sure some of these have already been seen by most...

Some of them you may not have seen...

Some of them are worth revisiting...

Just so you can remind yourself that you are not so stupid after all.

Tattooing Rule #1: NEVER DRINK AND TAT... please scroll to see the consequences.


Tattooing Rule #2: ALWAYS bring a buddy.. that preferrably knows how to SPELL and can supervise.


Tattooing Rule #3: Never EVER let an amateur tat you.. especially if you messed up rule #1 already.


Tattooing Rule #4: Do not place logo's on your body for any amount of money... Even if you love it as referenced by said tattoo placement.


Tattooing Rule #5: If you insist on tattooing a logo or name please think about placement, somewhere it can at least be covered like the dumba$$ above and not the dumba$$ below.


Tattooing Rule #6: Do not under any circumstance ask for a celebrity tattoo.. you might end up with this...


Tattooing Rule #7: Avoid copying portraits at all costs, if you must get one have a professional pencil sketch done of the photo first and use that as the template for the tattoo! Also check the artists experience WITH PROOF of doing such tats BEFORE you.. And follow rule #2.. supervise, supervise!
The last thing someone wants that is in heaven is to be remembered like this...


Tattooing Rule #8: Never use your belly button to mimic a rear-end in a tattoo. It's not cool it's rather gross.. furthermore.. do not use your hairy armpits or hairy nether regions for such grossness either. (disclosure: the links contain adult material NOT suited for adults and/or children)

(please ignore the baby)

Tattooing Rule #9: If you are coerced into disobeying rule # 8 at least make it somewhat entertaining.. to mask the grossness.


NOW ONTO SOME MORE ENJOYABLE/FUNNY TATTOOS, IMO that is.. and well it's my blog so deal with it.

I CAN SEE YOU.... (although ugly it makes you laugh)
Are you a corporate type?
Have to hide your tattoos at work?
Heck even I have to and I am a Waitress for pete's sake!
Well here is the solution!
(blacklight only visible tats)


Are they butt cheeks or are they breasts?? I can't decide!


Optical Illusion...

Once his hair grows back it will be a hairy name tag.. but if you must tat a name it might as well be your own right? am I right?


Is it real?? or is it fake?? Just don't date him if you are afraid of spiders...just sayin.


Silliness..it makes me smile though.


And my all time favorite.. thought out and funnier then sh*t.

Now if you happen to get a bad tattoo and you no longer want it you can use THIS... It won't hurt a bit ;-).

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Jacki said...

Too funny! I bet you could have some of these done at a place in northern KY that advertises "Tattoos while you wait!"

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