Monday, February 16, 2009

Missing FL Girl Haleigh Cummings

So I found out something today that I knew (in my head) when I first saw this photo....

That this little girl has Turner Syndrome (TS). Call it habit, call it a natural thing that I don't even think about but when I see little girls but I instantly look for TS characteristics in them.

She shares this in common with my daughter Alana which hits really close to home.

She is from FL and is missing since Feb 10th.

I am praying she is found unharmed, I am also praying for the family of this little girl because I can't even imagine. Alana is so vulnerable it's scary and everytime I see a missing "typical" girl it scares me even more.

The 17 year old girlfriend of the father (who has custody) and the father have been said to pass polygraphs but are still being questioned in the dissapearance because of the unusual circumstances. Is there reason?, Is it a socio-economic reason? They are a young couple that live in a mobile home park.. would this much attention be given to the parents of a greater status? And I am not talking about the investigation persay because they are doing their duty in finding this girl if that means questioning the family over and over so be it.. but more so the attention (IMO mostly negative focused on trashing the family, not finding the girl) of this case with bloggers, press, comments on articles etc.

Well that's enough pondering for me today..

I am going out to eat at Izzy's with my sister and our bunch.. Been a long time since I have been there! Kids are on their mid-winter break from school all this week.

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