Monday, February 2, 2009

Oh I got an award, I feel so special :-)

Look what I got :-). Renee so kindly passed the Fabulous Blog Award on to me!

The rules for this award are: List 5 blogs I find fabulous, and then 5 things I find fabulous.

5 things I find fabulous:

1. Nachos at my favorite Mexican Restaurant.
2. Bloggy Giveaways! (winning is even better :-P)
3. TV, amazing. Love my shows!
4. Quiet mornings after the girls leave for school. (the peace, I don't know what to do)
5. Why shopping of course, my all time favorite! (thrift shopping is even better!)

5 blogs I find fabulous:
3. Ann.. again and again
4. The Sneeze
5. My Charming Kids

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