Monday, February 2, 2009

Another Award ::blushes::

I feel like a REAL blogger this morning. HAHA.

Anyone wanna make me a signature?? volunteers??

I got this lovely award from Irene.
"Life is Grand" Award. And what a cool award this is- a requirement is to list 5 reasons why you find life to be "grand" at this moment. And pass it on to 5 life is grand bloggers!

1. Because this is my second award today! I feel so important! lol
2. Because I have the next 2 days off work.. aint it grand!
3. Because its Monday and the girls went back to school.. the simple things in life right?
4. Because Kaila and I just had fun choosing the winner of our giveaway!
5. Because today I am going to take a relaxing bath and then just put on a new clean set of jammies.

Now I am passing this lovely award onto:
1. Lisa
3. Susan

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