Monday, February 16, 2009

Sue me...

So I know I neglected blogosphere this weekend... sue me.
So I know I didn't do Not Me Monday today... sue me. I was busy shopping taking care of my kids. In fact today I was out to eat at Izzy's Buffet with all children in tow.. and saw these tiny tiny little cones.. for the icecream that just made me giggle.. that is a normal size pepper shaker for size reference.. lol.


JalenasMommy said... cute!

brandi said...


dddiva said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. And you were totally right to call me on what I said about her children qualifying for SSI.
I should have thought more carefully about how I worded things. Almost all of my nephews are autistic to some degree and even the not very highly functioning ones do not get help and that was a lot of my rant- their parents are not in any way rich but they pay into the system.
Almost anyone can be labeled as ADHD, 3 of my 4 girls had teachers tell me they must be because they were curious and bored easily... but no one- even the parents I know whose children are on meds- gets any type of financial help.
One of my best friends' sons is severely mentally and physically handicapped and they have to fight tooth and nail- and I mean this child needs braces, can barely hold his head up, is completely blind, etc... yet they keep having to prove he's disabled- and they live on a cops salary. (Small, so income wise they definitely qualify.)
I was mainly ranting against abuse of the system and how hard it is to get for some people and yet (sorry I am generalizing) some people seem to know how to work the system where they get for every little thing.
I will try to be more careful with my wording in the future.

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

Those are like the ones they give at McDonalds! Just perfect for little hands.

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