Monday, January 26, 2009

Bloggy Giveaways

*So how many have you entered?
I am going to guess 25?30? I really have no idea but somewheres in there.
*update* I think maybe 40 now?

*Now don't lie!

*What number on the list did you last stop at or have you gotten all the way through?? You do know it never stops everytime I refresh the page there is more lol.
I last stopped at #260 on the list @ 10:18pm pacific time. Should I take a breather? Nope.. its only 10pm lol
*update* I got to #320 on the list and its almost midnight which is my new bedtime lol. My goal is to get to at least #500 on the list by the end of tomorrow think I can do it? I do I certainly don't enter all of them.
*update* End of Tuesday I reached #620 on the list! lol...

*Are you holding your own giveaway? link me!
I am check below!

*What are you really hoping to win? link me!
As for me something from this store.. I currently have entered 3 seperate giveaways being sponsored from there..

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Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy said...

I think I might have ADHD because I did not go in any logical order on the list, just the ones that catch my eye but I haven't had much time so I think I may have entered 10.

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