Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Out of the mouths of babies (and kids too)..

Okay Kaila is quite the imaginative girl lately (she rarely makes things up but tonight was a doosey lol). I came home from work today and this was the conversation that ensued:

Me: What did you do while I was at work?

Kaila: Went to the grocery shop.

Me: Really with who?

Kaila: Daddy.

Me: Did Alana and Donni go with you?

Kaila: No.

Me: Well where were they?

Kaila: Home.

Me: Who was here with them?

Kaila: Grandma

Me: Oh she was.

Kaila: Yeah she stayed here with Alana.

Me: Oh so Donni went with you and Daddy?

Kaila: Yes.

Me: What store did you go to?

Kaila: Walmart.

Me: What did you get?

Kaila: A car for daddy's birthday.

Me: Oh cool was it a big car or little car.

Kaila: A little one.

Me: Did Grandma use my computer?

Kaila: No she didnt need to use it.

Me: What did she do while she was here?

Kaila: She ate... macaroni and cheese that she made for her and Alana hahaha!


Kaila: Yep.

Me: (thinking hmm okay this may all have happened as my mom was going to babysit tonight for a bit but we didnt end up needing her. Although Kaila never knew that grandma was coming over. ) Kaila can you get my phone?

Kaila: Where is it?

Me: Over on the other couch.

Me: (calling grandma).. Hey what are you doing?, are you at the bar? (heard loudness)

Grandma: Yes with your sister.

Me: blah blah about work etc tonight. I ask her when she came over.

Grandma: I never came over tonight, Boni never called me... I waited all night.

Me: What? you never came over? Kaila said you came over and watched Alana while she went to the store with daddy and you had macaroni and cheese.

Grandma? What lol? I never came over.

Me: Kaila why did you lie?


Me: Did you go to the store with daddy?

Kaila: Yes!

Me: Well did Alana go with you then?

Kaila: No.

Me: Where was she?

Kaila: Here..

Me: Well who watched her then?

Kaila: No one..

Me: Well she wasn't here alone.

(I repeated the last 4 about 3 times)

Me: Calling daddy (he had left to go to the gym).... Did you go to the store tonight with Kaila?

Daddy: No why?

Me: She said you went to the store and got a car and left Alana home with grandma.

Daddy: What?? Shes crazy lol.

Me: Kaila did you go to the store with daddy?

Kaila? No... HAHAHAHA.

Sighh... when she is a teen I am in for it with her stories already.

I totally bought her story until I called grandma lol.

Then she proceeds to tell me "jokes".

Kaila: Does a Bear go with Macaroni and cheese? NOOOO HAHAHAHA.

Me: Kaila you are so silly.

Kaila: Does a Rabbit go with a bear? HAHAHA.

Me: Bears will eat rabbits..most animals and berries too.

Kaila: Yeah you know Franklin he has a bear.

Kaila: Does a bear go with a bird?

Me: Silent...
Kaila: What does a bird eat oh yeah worms, does a bird go with worms? HAHAHAHA

Does Donni go in a dumpster? NOOOOOOOO HAHAHAHA..

(I have no idea where she comes up with this stuff seriously she had some wild imagination tonight!)

The only way I can rationalize tonight was that she took a nice nap while I was at work.. maybe she dreamt it all? lol.

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