Saturday, January 31, 2009

The adventures of workdom...

So last night at work I was in the back room and it was rather slow for a Friday. I made 50$ and decided that I would VOLUNTEER to stay and wait on these guys that come in after their games on a regular basis! (the hockey pics of them surely don't do them justice just so you know, you know just in case you were wondering lol!)

We close at 11, they come in 10:45-11. But they all have the same meal so its one of the easiest banquets we do. Waters set on tables right before they come in, salads prepped but not dressed, bread boards prepped but not breaded yet etc. They don't get any drinks just water. They are there tops 30minutes.

So the interesting part is if they have lost the game they are VERY quiet. If they lost they usually do not eat the icecream either which comes complimentary with our meals. People think hockey.. that they would be a wild bunch drinking beer but that is not so, they come in suits and all are very polite. And well no beer since most the players are underage still :-X, plus beer and athletics it doesn't take rocket science to know that is not part of the training plan.

Anywho last night they were a chatty bunch for the whole 25minutes they were there and had icecream so one can assume that they won.. :-D. Oh I just checked if my suspicions were right and they did!

Oh and I made 65$ off them in the hour & 1/2 it took me to get their stuff ready, serve them and clean up after they left. Why for some reason do I feel like a hooker making 65$ in an hour? Oh and plus my 9$ hourly wage.. on top of my 50$ I already made on my "regular" tables lol.

Conclusion: Last night was a good night at work, tonight I host, its my Saturday hosting duties.. fun times.


Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy said...

work it, ya hooker :) I'm going to guess it's not always like that and that you have equally horrible nights were you make squat and are treated like crap, right? so it all evens out. don't feel bad at all

Lynne Campbell said...

Hi Crystal,
Love your blog...Thanks for the follow on

Veronica Lee said...

Hi Crystal! You have a great blog. Welcome to MBC!

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