Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kaila...and her ummm

Ways of speech.

(Kaila bugging Donni, making him lay down)

Me: Kaila what are you doing?

Kaila: Nothing, he's still alive...

Me: Well I hope so, why would you say that?

Kaila: I dont know.

Me: What were you doing?

Kaila: Making him lay down.

Me: Are you sure he was coughing.. and why would you say he's alive, of course he's alive.. what were you doing that might make him not alive.

Kaila: Nothing, I dont know!

AYEAYEAYE Maybe she got this from when he coughs/chokes when eating and I say is he okay if he isnt in my direct line of sight.


Kristine said...


Modern Mama Diana said...

Your children are beautiful! Every time my kids would cough my husband (neurotic man that he is) would say "are you okay, are you choking?". After hearing it so much anytime we'd ask our oldest "are you okay?" she's say "i choking". lol

Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy said...

too funny. my boys now answer people "no, I'm good" occassionally when asked if they need something. it usually confuses them.
glad he's still alive!

Ann said...

How adorable!
You just never know what they're going to pick up on.
I'm so glad I found you through Mom Bloggers Club:->
Ann Again... and again

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