Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Long Tuesday, Dentist, Sickness You Know The Usual.

I am still sick, its all in my face now. Congestion and migraines.

I hate winter.

Last week the University Of Washington Dentist where I take the girls to called me because they had a cancellation today, asked if instead of Kaila's May appt (she has teeth issues big time.. needs IV Sedation and thats the earliest they could schedule out) could I come in today. I tell them well that sure is a stupid question, of course now or may gee which one..let me think about it lol.

My plan was to have Alana be at school, and my friend was going to watch Donni for me. Alana's caregiver Jennie was going to come meet her bus and take her to speech therapy.

My sister calls me Sunday night that my niece needed to go to the orthodontist asap because her bridge for her braces had broke and part of it was cut out by the ER.. and the rest needed to be removed. I told her I can take her the same time I take Kaila on Tuesday.

We wake up to Alana having puked all over the place during the night.. needless to say I didn't send her to school. I gave her tiny bits of water and she threw up again. When she throws up it can be quite scary for those who aren't used to it because she chokes and vomits out of her nose violently.

I needed another option for her during Kaila's appt. Luckily our caregiver was already coming nearby because she was going to observe Alana at school and talk to her teacher etc. and she was planning on coming after school anyway so she came by to watch her and we left to get my niece.

I ended up taking Donni because my niece would be there to help with him while I was dealing with Kaila and her dentist.

Kaila refused to take the oral medicine to get her loopy (more for the amnesia effect then anything). And last time at her oral sedation appt we forced her to take it only for her to hold in her mouth for 2minutes, pretend she had swallowed it and we let go and she spit all of it out. So this time we were using different meds and had other options. Both of which would be a sneak attack.

One was a medicine that they would shoot up her nose via a syringe dropper as I held her on my lap and laid her back onto my knees, cons it can sting a bit as most things going in the nose.. pros it works faster then the oral medicine does and they cannot spit it out.

The other was a sneak shot in the arm which imo is more risky, works the fastest out of all the options.

I opted for the nose shooter... we were in the lobby and I laid her down she was pretty oblivious and the anethesiologist did it in 2 seconds flat, Before she knew it he had already done it.. she of course diva she is had this look on her face like wtf did u just do to me. She gagged a little and tried spitting up the medicine on me. Didn't work this time hahaha! No spitting it out :-P. They advised me to take her potty so she doesnt have an "accident" while they were working on her. She couldn't go because she had nothing to eat or drink.. go figure right. On the way out of the bathroom she almost walked into a table.. damn that started working fast!

She got really loopy really fast, almost instantly. I have seen her loopy once before.. It really is quite comical I must say. She was calling her backpack a packet.. in the slow slurry voice. She was trying to crawl across the floor and couldnt even do a real crawl she was like army crawling.. on arm forward, relax then the other arm lol. She started to fight me because my niece had taken donni for a walk down the hall. "I want to go with Bryttanie, I want to go with Bryttanie etc." I said "you can not even walk, how are you supposed to go with bryttanie. You stand up and walk to me and then I will let you go with Bryttanie". You should have seen her very sad attempts at standing and walking... all while I was holding onto her otherwise she would have fallen and broke her skull! Next time I might take a video of her just for later on to embarass her... cue evil mommy music.

First up xrays she sits on my lap because she will cooperate for xrays better that way, she still fought but gave in rather quickly and it was over very fast. And she was loppy enough so they took her back to knock her out fully and put in an IV, oxygen and pulse monitors etc. This is done in the office kind of like a day surgery. But the office is in the hospital. I then took my niece to the ortho down the hall so they could remove the rest of her bridge thing etc. that was preparing her for braces and they said she hasnt been here in over a year, you can't leave these things in the mouth for that long without resizing, tweeking etc. because at this age they just grow and things wont fit or work right, hence the reason it got loose and stuck causing the ER visit. I said I will yell at her mom, they then say that she has all her adult teeth now and the braces will no longer be covered under insurance only out of pocket. I said I doubt she will get them then but I will tell her mom.

Kaila was still being worked on, we went to cafeteria for some chips. Finally they came out about 3ish and said they were done and she was just waking up. They fixed 3 small cavities on her molars with tooth colored composite and a crown over one. Now she has 2 princess crowns.. on opposite sides of her mouth (bottom). She has one crown from around this time last year when this all started. Never a problem with her teeth until she turned 4, she looks at candy and gets a cavity I swear it. They removed 2 molar teeth awhile back because one in the span of a month of first discovering the cavity it had abcessed. The other was a cavity that was fixed on a non sedation appt that was done in a hurry and apparently not all of it was removed so it was filled with bacteria still in there and it continued through to the nerve. They would have done baby root canals if they were front teeth but they are back teeth and baby teeth. Anyway to the point sorry I like to babble and go on and on.. We had previously made a mold for space maintainers (otherwise the other teeth gradually take up that space as she grows and adult teeth come and it makes for a crooked mouth.. this way its saved for those adult teeth) for those teeth that were taken out and those were put in today too.. mouth full of metal. Those will stay in for as long as possible until the adult teeth start peeking through.

She woke up really tired of course but very cooperative, sometimes when the sedation is very brief they can wake up combative etc. the longer the sedation the better usually hers was about 1 1/2- 2 hours. I know this all too well after my tonsillectomy a few years ago I woke up very "rambunctious" but after my spleen and gallbaldder removal I woke up very calmly because that was 6 hours versus 30minutes, plus I was doped up on morphine I am sure that helped some lol. Poor kid looked like she was beat up, her lip was swollen from the crap holding her mouth open, they tape the eyes shut just like surgery to keep them from drying out so she had adhesive marks on her face. I carried her to the car and on the way to the car all she cared about was she wanted her "pink milkshake".. the promised gift after the dentist. Now any remnants of anesthesia and tape etc. are gone. Wide awake. No more swollen lip, like nothing happened today.

The HIGHLIGHT of the day we went to Dick's Only the best fast food in the world! I love going to dick's, simple, cheap and delicious. There isn't one here only in Seattle so I try to hit it up when we go to Seattle, and they only take cash so I have to be prepared lol. And I got Kaila her precious milkshake.

I dropped Kaila off at home and took my niece home and went to the grocery store real quick, got home to find this...

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